Sri Subramaniar Temple, Tampoi

The beginning ....

In 1930, with the grace of Lord Muruga, Mr and Mrs Sankaran Letchumi built a small hut within their compound and instilled a status to the devotion of the Lord. As time went by, this small hut progressed; prayer after prayer with Fridays being the most auspicious and special day. After the Thaipusam celebrations of 1967, more devotees started partaking in the kavadi processions with special ‘Abhishegam’ followed by sumptuous ‘Annathanam’

The year 1970 onwards, the Tampoi Marine Police seaside became synonymous with the temple Thaipusam celebration and propelled the temples’ fame further, a tradition which is followed till this day. 

Sri Subramaniar Temple Tampoi Founding Members

Late Mrs Letchumy Sankaran
Late Mdm Neela Achuthan
Late Mr Velu Achuthan

On the 10th of February 1970, Mrs Sankaran Letchumi passed on feeling contented in leaving behind the temple management to her son, Mr Velu Achutan to continue the responsibility, Mr Velu Achuthan alongside his wife, Madam Neela Achuthan was instrumental in the growth of the temple. Madam Neela was a major force in the cleaning along with food and prayer preparations of the temple. Madam Neela passed on in the year of 2003 leaving behind this legacy. 

Mr Velu Achuthan felt a need to build a bigger temple to accomodate the ever increasing number of devotees and he began by officially registering the temple of the 20th of March 1978 (J1119) and forming a committee which was headed by Mr Ramalingam. 

Mr Ramalingam, his committee members with the strong support from the public, started preparations for the inaugurual Maha Kumbhabhishegam on the 4th of December 1994. This was also made possible with the help of the government through MIC and the late Tan Sri Mohd Rahmat, Ahli Parlimen Pulai. The temple’s foundation was officiated by none other than Tun Samy Velu who was the Minister of Energy, Telecommunication and Post and the president of MIC at that time. 

12 years passed by and the 2nd Maha Kumbhabhishegam was successfully conducted on the 24th February 2008 which was helmed by Mr K. Prabhakaran wih the steadfast support of his committee members. Ever since the 1st consecration in 1994 till the present, the temple has never failed in conducting all major prayers and festivals in accordance to the Hindu tradition. 

The temple is currently headed by Mr K. Aramugan and has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of service and facilities. Most recent being the purchase of a piece of land beside the temple to allow more room for current and future expansion and better comfort for devotees. Furthermore, social services and charity was never forgotten and the temple has always been at the forefront of it. This is evident in the number of charities as well as individuals who have benefitted from their donations. Temple premises are often used to teach devotional songs and other educational activities which bring the community together. 

On the 31st January 2018, the temple was honored with the visit of His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, Sultan of Johor in conjunction with 2018 Thaipusam celebration. An unforgettable event where the temple had more than 10,000 devotees and placed Sri Subramaniar Temple, Tampoi permanantly on the map. 

A Short Video Montage of The Temple's History